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Anna H. Wang

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Born in China, Anna was orphaned at five years of age.  Little did she realize that the survival skills learned in the orphanage would prove crucial for what lay ahead. 


Twenty years later, shortly after her husband, James D. Wang, was sent to the U.S. for graduate studies, the Sino-Japanese War broke out, forcing Anna, carrying an infant and a toddler, to flee for their lives. During those harrowing times, she found solace in the hymns of faith that infused her with courage and hope. Only by the grace of God did they survive. Additionally, she helped thousands of others survive as well when she helped build a bomb shelter and a hospital. There risking her own life amidst the fiery carnages of war, she treated the sick and wounded.


After settling in the U.S. she continued in nursing and health care administration.  Having experienced the power of music during her darkest years, she realized music was an avenue for reaching hearts for God and for inspiring young people to greater heights. Always encouraging them to develop their God-given gifts to their greatest potential, she and her husband supported the education and even music lessons of countless youth. Thus desiring to continue her legacy of 105 years of faithful service to God and humanity, her children have established the Anna H. Wang Presidential Concert Series.



For more information about the Anna H. Wang Presidential Concert Series


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